Your kitchen is the heart of your home, beating on a regular basis by entertaining guests, taking care of your daily food needs, and everything in between, and when you’re in need of an expert oven, range, and stove repair you’ve got to get the services of Kootenay Appliance Repair Company. Given the importance of your kitchen our crews can relate to the stresses of having one of your kitchen appliances go on the fritz, let alone if you’ve got an event or other pressing kitchen matters to tend to. Because of this our crews are well in touch with the needs of our clientele for these restorations and have taken it upon themselves to create a business model that’s centered around all of the values our clientele hold when it comes to their restorations. Transparency through communication, cost effectiveness achieved via expert repair solutions, and flexibility in our work is what establishes us as a cut above the rest when it comes to your repairs!

What we do:

· Every oven, range, and stove repair begins and ends on a note of expert communication with our crews, so that at every step of the way our clientele can get an accurate picture of what their restoration process is looking like. We like to give our clientele the peace of mind in knowing that they’ve got a basic understanding of the work we’re doing, as that gives you an insight into how our processes work out so you have an accurate idea of the cost of your project, as well as the timeline for when you can get your precious kitchen appliances back in working order!

· An expert oven, range, and stove repair simply cannot be executed without a crew that’s not expertly schooled in all facets of the industry, which is why we pride ourselves on the commitment to training that we have for all members of our crews! It’s vital to us that our crews have a depth of knowledge of the industry, ranging from their technical understanding of your machines to the physical expertise of handling state of the art appliance restoration tools. All of this culminates into a process that allows our crews to see every avenue possible for your restoration, which restores your kitchen appliances in record time, and at a fraction of the cost!

When it comes to your oven, range, and stove repair the crews at Kootenay Appliance Repair Company are simply a cut above the rest. We’ve delivered amazing results with every restoration we’ve encountered, and we eagerly await the next challenge that presents itself!

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