The beauty of BC Nelson is only surpassed by the outstanding communities that make up this small Kootenay town, and for the fine folks that live and breathe Nelson living we want to provide the finest Nelson appliance repair services around. Kootenay Appliance Repair Company strives for only the finest for your restoration services because we understand from firsthand experience just how stressful the restoration process can be. Our clientele value services that are rooted in customer experience and take into account some of the most valuable aspects of an appliance restoration, such as the costs, the flexibility in scheduling, and overall transparency of our work. Through countless successful restorations our teams have been able to pinpoint a successful foundation for these restorations and are able to pass what we’ve learned down onto you through our work.

What we do:

· The first step in any of our BC Nelson appliance repair services is to establish a precedent of transparent communication with our clientele regarding all aspects of their restoration. It’s vital to us that our clientele understand the gravity of the situation, which means explaining in layman’s terms what’s plaguing your machine and how we plan on fixing it. Along with our transparency in process, we also shed light on the costs everything included in your restoration, from parts to labor and everything in between!

· The mechanisms of your Nelson appliance repair services can get extremely complicated and having a properly trained crew to handle any and all problems that can arise is crucial for your successful restoration. We’ve made it our mission to hire and train the finest specialists we could find in Western Canada and equip them with all the essential industry tools they’ll need to complete your job. This level of preparation allows our crews to tackle any appliance restoration problem that comes their way with tact and efficiency, leading to more time and money saved for you in the long run.

For an outstanding Nelson appliance repair you can’t get much better than the services that the folks at Kootenay Appliance Repair Company offer. The work we’ve put in to ensure that every clientele interaction is nothing short of amazing is unmatched, and we’re excited for any and all challenges that come our way!

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